'Karen' movie: release date, cast, plot and more

23 June 2021, 17:25

Karen is the name of upcoming American thriller film
Karen is the name of upcoming American thriller film. Picture: BET Original Movies / Aloe Entertainment

People are shocked as viral 'Karen' trope has influenced the plot of new upcoming American thriller film.

The name Karen has been used a nickname for white women that target Black people with racist behaviour; with particular humour made of women that routinely ask to "talk to the manager".

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However, people are shocked that this trope has been developed into a thriller film. Here's everything you need to know about the upcoming film.

  1. When is the upcoming film 'Karen' going to be released?

    Whilst 'Karen' does not yet have an official release date it's been reported that the film has finished shooting and will be coming this year.

    This page will be updated as more information becomes available.

  2. What is the upcoming film 'Karen' about?

    The films trailer shows a Black family moving into a new house with a neighbour named Karen.

    The neighbour, played by 'Orange is the new Black' star Taryn Manning, takes issue with the families skin colour.

    The trailer shows many different events where there is conflict, such as a scene where the problematic neighbour threatens to "talk the manager" about a Black family in a restaurant.

    Taryn Manning stars as 'Karen'
    Taryn Manning stars as 'Karen'. Picture: Getty

    The trailer continues to play on stereotypes; with Karen saying her Black neighbour is "slaving away in the kitchen" and describing the Black family as "angry".

    The film even shows Manning's character calling the police on some "very suspecting teenagers", which then escalates into a conflict.

    The trailer ends with the two neighbours pointing guns at each other and Karen is heard saying "bad things happen to people that don't comply".

    The full trailer can be watched below.

    Karen Movie Teaser/Trailer

  3. Who is the cast of the upcoming film 'Karen'

    The film is written and directed by Coke Daniels, who also directed 'Fruits of the Heart'.

    Taryn Manning, who is best known for her role in Netflix's 'orange is the Black', stars as 'Karen White'.

    'That's so Raven' actor Cory Hardrict plays the neighbour Malik, alongside his onscreen wife Imani, played by Jasmine Burke - who is best known from Love and Hip-Hop.

    Coke Daniels is the films writer and director
    Coke Daniels is the films writer and director. Picture: Instagram
  4. What have people said about the upcoming film 'Karen'?

    Fans on Twitter have been critical about 'Karen'. Some have referred to the film as a "Jordan Peel knock off" whilst others have concluded it just simply wasn't necessary.

    One user tweeted: "honest opinion of that Karen movie? it didn’t need to be made. straight up...we have enough actual footage of [white] women harassing black and brown people".

Lead actress Taryn Manning has commented on her role in the upcoming film, saying she feels she had a "social responsibility" to play the role of Karen.

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