Jaden Smith Just Got Seriously Philosophical And Our Minds Have Been Blown - WATCH

3 March 2017, 11:46

Jaden Smith

The Internet cannot handle this.

Jaden Smith is back with some new philosophical insights and the Internet can't deal with his new level of woke.

The deep-thinking son of Will Smith features in a new video titled 'Jaden Smith Blows Your Mind', which sees the young star tackle some of life's most profound and enlightening discoveries. 

Watch the hilarious video below:

The actor, musician, artist and professor of all things existential sat down with Vanity Fair to talk through some bizarre facts that will make you question everything.

For example, did you know that sharks have been on this Earth for longer than trees? Or that it potentially rains literal diamonds on Saturn and Jupiter? Well, Jaden did.

Naturally, Internet users were taken aback by this higher plane of thought.

Even singing sensation Nick Jonas admitted defeat.

We're patiently waiting for the next one, Jaden.

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