Instagram Nows Shows People When You Were Last Active & The Internet Is Scared

19 January 2018, 11:44 | Updated: 19 January 2018, 11:45

Instagram App Image

But there is a way to hide it.

Instagram has launched yet another feature that nobody asked for and it's safe to say that people are freaking out.

The popular photo-sharing app now enables people you follow to see when you were last active - likewise, you can see when your friends were last active as well.

People you've been talking to via the direct messaging section can see how long it's been since you last used the app, and vice versa.

The new feature has been integrated in Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp for a while now, but people aren't exactly happy that it's now been rolled out on the 'gram.

Luckily, there is a way to disable the function if you're not too keen on people knowing when you were last online.

Firstly, open Instagram and go to Settings. Next, scroll down to the bottom of the screen until you reach the new 'Show Activity Status' toggle.

There, you can switch off the feature and lurk to your heart's content - however, it's worth bearing in mind that when you opt out, you can't see when other people were last active either.

Now, if only there was a way to organise our feed back into chronological order again... it's what the people want, Instagram.

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