Floyd Mayweather’s Response To The #MeToo Movement Has Seriously Angered People

11 January 2018, 13:02

The athlete's controversial comments are circling the web.

Floyd Mayweather has come under fire for his recent comments regarding the #MeToo movement.

During an interview with Men's Health, the semi-retired boxer was asked about the highly-publicised movement, which supports woman who have experienced sexual violence and harassment.

After promoting a new virtual reality boxing set-up, Mayweather was asked how men could grow in 2018 in light of the movement.

"The who?" he questioned, seemingly unaware of what #MeToo means, "When you say “me too” ... When somebody is like, “I got a Rolls Royce, I be like ‘me too.’"

"When somebody say they got a private jet, I say, “Me too. I got two. Me too.” he stated.

After the host pointed out that Mayweather's idea was "very different" to the concept she was referring to, he replied, "Well, I didn’t know!"

"My Me Too movement from the beginning was whenever somebody said what they have I’m like, “me too.” Somebody say they got a billion dollars, I say, “I made a billion dollars, me too.”

He added: "I think everyone, if you’re in an uncomfortable position, you have to pray about it, you know, talk about it."

"I think that, you know, sexual harassment, I don’t think it’s cool at all."

In the past, Mayweather has been charged with domestic violence and battery on multiple occasions against different women.

Following his comments, people took to social media to slam the "disgusting" boxer for his "ignorant" views.

Twitter users also pointed out that the boxer could have citing lyrics from Pharrell Williams’ 2009 song, 'Mr. Me Too.'

Mayweather is yet to respond to the reports.

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