Erykah Badu Surprises School Students With Impromptu Performance, Crowd Goes Wild

13 April 2016, 10:37

Erykah Badu performing on table in school

The singer gave the students a lunchtime surprise.

Erykah Badu surprised students at a high school in New Jersey when she turned up and laid down an impromptu performance in the lunchroom. 

In collaboration with The Future Project, the R&B singer performed her 1997 hit ‘On & On’ – much to the surprise of the students at Malcolm X Shabazz High School, who looked on in shock. 

The ‘But You Caint Use My Phone’ singer jumped on tables and even took a bite of somebody’s sandwich.

Watch below: 

Meanwhile, Erykah Badu is currently caught up in a heated debate about school uniforms.

According to US Weekly, she tweeted the following on 11th April: 

"There was an article ruling that high school girls lower their skirts so male teachers are not distracted. I agreed because I am aware we live in a sex I-driven society… 

"If I had a school I would make sure that the uniform skirt length was a nice knee length … It is fair to everyone. 

"It is everyone’s, male and female’s responsibility to protect young ladies."

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