Instagram Is Testing A Feature That Tells People When You’ve Screenshotted Them

24 January 2018, 11:56

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Let's face it, we're all guilty of sending the odd screenshot - however, this may change thanks to Instagram latest update.

The popular photo-sharing app is testing out a new feature that alerts the person you're screenshotting that you not-so-subtly just creeped on their story.

Instagram Nows Shows People When You Were Last Active & The Internet Is Scared

Luckily, you're allowed one free screenshot before you receive a warning that, from that point on, any more stories you capture will result in the other person being notified.

The well-known feature has been exposing people all over the world on Snapchat for years but, so far, Instagram's version is currently only being trialled in Japan.

At the moment, the Facebook-own app already sends a notification the other person when you screenshot part of your private message.

The trail-update follows Instagram's announcement last week where the company unveiled a new feature that now enables people you follow to see when you were last active.

As well as the new notification update, Instagram now allows users to share text-based clips to their story, with four new fonts to choose from: Neon, Typewriter, Strong and Modern. 

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