DaniLeigh slams 'Yellow Bone' controversy: "I ain’t no white girl, I’m Dominican"

2 March 2021, 13:59

DaniLeigh slams &squot;Yellow Bone&squot; controversy: "I ain’t no white girl, I’m Dominican"
DaniLeigh slams 'Yellow Bone' controversy: "I ain’t no white girl, I’m Dominican". Picture: Getty

The songstress has been labelled "colourist" over her controversial song 'Yellow Bone'.

DaniLeigh has responded to backlash for her song controversial song "Yellow Bone", once again. This time, she went into a back and forth online spat with Love & Hip Hop star Akbar V.

DaBaby & DaniLeigh split amid singers "Yellow Bone" song controversy

On Sunday (Feb 28) Singer DaniLeigh and Atlanta rapper Akbar V went at it on Twitter.

“I want to tell you baby you are not Black,” wrote Akbar in a tweet that DaniLeigh responded to with, “Keep making music I’ll never hear.”

The two continued to go at each other in an extensive back-and-forth, with DaniLeigh saying that she doesn’t want to “be anyone but [herself].”

DaniLeigh hinted at Akbar being an irrelevant artist, saying that she didn’t know who Akbar V even is.

After the pair threw their petty jabs at one another, they were eventually able to get into the serious topic of colourism.

Akbar wrote: “I want u to stop color shaming cause I really wasn’t being funny u started the sing then started with I don’#t give a fuck altitude we are really Black my Black women go threw enough for u to make fun of it,” Akbar said.

“I never intended to make fun of anyone,” replied DaniLeigh.

DaniLeigh continued "As artist people will take ur words and interpret them how they want … I now know … Yellow Bone is what he want … Wasn’t the right thing to say … But I wasn’t saying it to shame someone … especially they color.”

When asked about her initially apology for the colourist messaging in the song, DaniLeigh wrote “I did apologize… and ya’ll feel I don’t care is bc u don’t like me already so I’ll personally give u a sorry,” she said. “But yeah I’m out have a good life.”

As for her previous original apology, which many thought weren't genuine, she clarified that was “how [she] felt at the moment.”

DaniLeigh responds to people who are referring to her as a "white girl"
DaniLeigh responds to people who are referring to her as a "white girl". Picture: Twitter

DaniLeigh admitted that after releasing the song snippet, she did reconsider releasing the song, and that she “took accountability” for her mistakes.

The "Easy" songstress also did hit back at people refering to her as “a white girl". The star wrote Well everyone is calling me a white girl and I ain’t no f**king white girl ... I’m Dominican... with a whole bunch of sh*t in me".

Speaking more on her heritage, DaniLeigh spoke about her parents, writing: "They are light skin. My mom is thick af with curly hair that she straightens... my dad is darker than me .. tf ????"

"I got cousins that look jus like u!! Dominicans are black also. Jus leave it alone bro I ain’t no f**king white girl".

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