Chrissy Teigen slammed for throwing 'tone-deaf' Squid Game themed party

18 November 2021, 12:22 | Updated: 18 November 2021, 17:35

Fans are angry at the irony of Teigen and her celebrity friends being wealthy, while masquerading as the poor, in-debt characters from the show.

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Chrissy Teigen has come under fire for being "out-of-touch" for throwing a Squid Game-inspired party for her celebrity friends last week.

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The 35-year-old TV personality and cookbook author's party guest dressed up like the characters in Squid Game.

Chrissy Teigen has been branded 'out-of-touch' for throwing a Squid Game inspired party.
Chrissy Teigen has been branded 'out-of-touch' for throwing a Squid Game inspired party. Picture: Instagram/@shaymitchell

The soiree guests also played high-stakes children's games, similar to the South Korean dystopian series.

In the series, indebted players are recruited to play life-or-death games in order to win a large amount of money, which can change their lives on a drastic scale.

Servers were wearing costumes as the show's anonymous henchmen and the place was decorated with a massive piggy bank full of cash hovering above, just like in Squid Game.

The party guests were reportedly competing for a trip to Napa and dinner at the Michelin-starred French Laundry restaurant. 

After photos and clips of the Squid Game-inspired party emerged online, people were quick to call out Teigen for being 'tone-deaf'.

Fans pointed to the irony of Teigen and her VIP friends being wealthy, while pretending to be the poor characters from the show.

One fan wrote: "im sorry rich people are literally so tone deaf. squid game was literally about people whose lives were so awful because of being poor that they’d rather play a game of literal life or death to escape going back to poverty and chrissy teigen is really reenacting it in her mansion".

Squid Game is Netflix’s biggest debut hit, reaching 111m viewers worldwide
Squid Game is Netflix’s biggest debut hit, reaching 111m viewers worldwide. Picture: Netflix

Another Twitter user added: "the simply unmatched irony of john legend and chrissy teigen hosting a squid game party for all their rich celeb friends >>>"

A third fan wrote: "Chrissy Teigen throwing a super-expensive Squid-Game themed party confirms every prior I’ve ever had about her."

A forth, wrote: "Usually I’m a fan of Chrissy Teigen but there’s something super f**ked up and weird about spending the weekend cosplaying Squid Game with your incredibly rich friends."

While many fans criticised Chrissy and John for the party, other people defended the couple, arguing that Squid Game is not real.

Guests included Modern Family's Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Pretty Little Liars' Shay Mitchell, according to People.

See other fans reactions below.

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