Chingy Wants Everyone On Twitter To Know He's Not Dead

19 August 2015, 10:33


Chingy is on Twitter and it's everything.

If you were a teenager in the mid-noughties you'll no doubt remember dancing along to hit Chingy songs 'One Call Away,' 'Holidae In' and 'Pullin Me Back' while you sipped on a WKD and pretended to be completely slaughtered at your mate's house party. 

And if you've spent the last decade - as we're sure you have - wondering what on earth happened to the rapper that was partly responsible for so many amazing (and many not so amazing) memories of yours, then have no fear. 

Chingy is alive, well and has spent a lot of time "chillin" and he wants to make sure his fans are aware of this. 

Press play and enjoy.

If you were wondering... 

So stop speaking about Chingy in the past tense... 

Because Chingy 2.0 has arrived.

He's not giving up on some of his most-used lyrics.

Even though he's quite new to the world of social media he is fully embracing it... 

And yes, he is searching for his own name on Twitter.

He's even using Twitter for business opportunities. 

Holiday Inn were all over that idea. "Saaaay what?"

Best of luck to you, Chingy!