YouTube’s ‘Chicken Connoisseur’ Hits New York For ‘Pengest Munch’ And It’s Hilarious - WATCH

3 March 2017, 11:04 | Updated: 3 March 2017, 11:09


'Pengest Munch' just went international.

YouTube star the ‘Chicken Connoisseur’ has travelled to New York in his on-going quest to find the ‘Pengest Munch’. 

Following-up on the success of his London-based chicken reviews, the YouTuber headed the USA alongside A$AP Bari, to see what New York had to offer.

Watch below:

At one point he completely slates a chicken shop in the East side of the city.

Describing a chicken wing, he says: “There’s no flavour… just grease!”

Since his review of a London chicken shop went viral earlier this year, every video he has released now has over 1 million views.

Meanwhile, fans still appear to be fascinated by the age of the Chicken Connoisseur, with some people struggling to believe he is actually 23-years-old

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