People Seriously Thought This Was Cardi B’s Real Name & Twitter Is Howling

1 February 2018, 12:26 | Updated: 10 April 2018, 14:56

Cardi B

This is ridiculous.

Cardi B is a two-time Grammy nominee, a chart-topping rapper and arguably the most talked about new artists of the last twelve months.

But, despite her continued upward spiral of success and persistent presence on the airwaves, it appears one thing about Cardi is still a mystery to some - her name meaning.

16 Facts You Need To Know About 'Bodak Yellow' Rapper Cardi B

Because, contrary what many believe, Cardi's name is not short for 'cardiovascular bronchitis'.

Yep, that's seriously what some people thought. Cardiovascular bronchitis isn't even a thing.

Cardi's name meaning has been a topic of conversation ever since her rapid rise to fame, but the star - born Belcalis Almanzar - has actually confirmed what 'Cardi B' means before.

The 'Cardi' element stems from the drink 'Bacardi' - the 'Bodak Yellow' rapper's sister is named Hennessey Carolina, hence Cardi picking up her beverage-releated nickname.

The Bronx native simply moved the B at the beginning of 'Bacardi' to the end, and the rest is history, although she also said it could stand for "beautiful" or "bully", depending on the day.

Cardi's fans knew this already, of course, but took it upon themselves to enlighten others and correct their hilarious misinterpretations.

But some people still have other ideas...

Enough is enough. We're sorry, Belcalis.

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