Burna Boy announces surprise musical hiatus leaving fans shocked

29 April 2020, 10:51 | Updated: 3 May 2020, 20:59

Burna Boy announces music hiatus
Burna Boy announces music hiatus. Picture: Getty

The 'African Giant' star revealed the news on his social media and fans weren't happy.

As one of the world's most prominent African music stars, Burna Boy has enjoyed a meteoric rise to the top of the game, with his 2019 album 'African Giant' spawning a number of hit tracks.

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But Burna Boy shocked fans last night when he claimed that he's set to go on a musical hiatus until he's 31 years old.

Burna Boy claims his next album will be his last for a while as he announces hiatus
Burna Boy claims his next album will be his last for a while as he announces hiatus. Picture: Getty

In a message posted on his social media, Burna Boy wrote, "After the Next Album drops. Imma go on a Hiatus till I'm 31. No Music. No social media. NO videos."

The 'Ye' star went on to say, "I might keep touring thobut that's it. #TwiceasTall".

Burna Boy had previously posted about some people close to him who he referred to as "snakes" who had managed to "hide in the grass for years" and it's not know whether theis sudden annoncement was linked to that at all.

Burna Boy announces hiatus
Burna Boy announces hiatus. Picture: Snapchat

Fans were naturally confused and surprised by Burna Boy's sudden announcement and took to Twitter to share their feelings.

One person wrote, 'I know Burna boy can’t do this to me. What u mean hiatus ????' whilst another simply added, 'God forbid oh'.

Burna Boy's follow up album to 2019's 'African Giant' is believed to be called 'Twice As Tall' and the Afrobeats star had announced a 2020 tour under that name before the coronavirus pandemic struck.

As he's currently 28 years of age, depending on when he releases his next album a hiatus could last for several years.

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