Bow Wow Is Getting Dragged On Twitter For Giving Out This Bizarre Relationship Advice

20 October 2017, 10:38 | Updated: 20 October 2017, 10:44

He was answering a fan's burning question...

Bow Wow is getting roasted on Twitter once again, this time for handing out some rather wild relationship advice.

The rapper was dragged by social media users earlier this week after he reposted a Photoshopped image of himself featured in a Death Row Records poster.

Following the earlier mockery, Bow kickstarted a segment called #KeepItPlayaThursdays, where he answers love-related questions sent in by fans.

Bow, real name Shad Moss, says the hashtag originated after he received many requests from men asking for advice when it comes to the dating game.

Taking to Instagram, the 'Like You' star replied to a query which questioned whether or not a man should provide a woman with food after she spends the night with him.

"She definitely don't think it was a date," he said, "She came over during booty hours - she knew what's up. She probably wanted it more than you did." 

"What's $50? F**k it, what's 150? Get her an Uber if she didn't drive. Make her feel good. Make her feel comfortable. Wow her mind. Give her a good time. Keep her safe. 

"In other words: Dig in your wallet, stop being cheap and feed the b***h," he added.

Soon enough, the rapper received some varied feedback from Twitter users.

The rapper has neither confirmed nor denied whether or not the social media series will continue.

"I love it because people don't understand the scientific method to my madness," Moss said during an interview in May, following accusations that he was lying about boarding a private jet.

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