AJ Tracey 'Revenge Athletic' merch: Hoodies, bundles, prices, where to buy & more

26 March 2021, 15:35 | Updated: 26 March 2021, 15:36

The "Anxious" rapper has surprised his fans to new basketball-themed march, available to pre-order.

AJ Tracey surprised fans when he announced his upcoming album 'Flu Game', along with the star-studded tracklist on Monday (Mar 22).

AJ Tracey new album 'Flu Game' 2021: release date, tracklist, songs & more

Not only did the West London rapper reveal that he has collaborations with some of the hottest artists in the game, he revealed his exclusive 'Revenge Athletic' merch.

See more about the "Anxious" rappers merch line below.

  1. What is 'Revenge Athletic'?

    AJ Tracey revealed he will be releasing his new album on April 16th, during a fake press conference stream on Monday evening (Mar 22).

    In a clip, showing a “breaking news” broadcast segment on the faux West 1 News TV station, the clip shows AJ becoming the newest signing to a fictional basketball team called 'Revenge Athletic'.

    AJ Tracey reveals his new merch line
    AJ Tracey reveals his new merch line. Picture: AJ Tracey store

    The clip begins “As you know, AJ is one of the most dominant players of his generation,” a spokesman explains.

    After AJ answers several questions from a room of reporters, the video ends by presenting his merch, which is found at FLUGAME.AJTRACEY.CO.UK.

  2. When will AJ Tracey's merch be released?

    The "Ladbroke Grove" rapper left fans excited with the merch announcement, with them quickly taking to the website to see the pieces.

    Fans were stunned by the basketball-themed artwork for ‘Flu Game’ album, with the matching merch.

    The merch is currently available for pre-order and will drop on the same day as the album on April 16th 2021.

    In Tracey’s music video for his newest single ‘Anxious’, he is seen promoting his merch.

    The rapper appears on a vintage TV set alongside a link to a new 'Revenge Athletic' jersey, which can be purchased for £60.

    AJ Tracey launches his 'Flu Game' merch
    AJ Tracey launches his 'Flu Game' merch. Picture: AJ Tracey store

    The prices for the bundles range from £30-£60.

    The Limited Edition bundles include clothing items such a t-shirts, hoodies alongside CDs and Vinlys.

  3. Where can I buy AJ Tracey's 'Revenge Athletic' merch?

    AJ Tracey's 'Revenge Athletic' Flu Game merch is available to buy at FLUGAME.AJTRACEY.CO.UK.

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