The 6 Types Of People At Every Gig

25 May 2018, 18:30 | Updated: 25 May 2018, 18:43

We're all there for the love of music, but you'll find a mix of characters at every gig, concert or festival. Which one are you?

The Sing-A-Long


You're always singing at the top of your voice and you're guaranteed to know every word to every song. And don't let anyone forget that! If you're this person, you know your voice will be a whisper the next morning

The Dancer


Who needs Beyoncé performing on the main stage when you're there providing all the best moves?! If you're The Dancer at the gig, you can be found clearing a space big enough to bust a move.

The One Who Has To Be At The Front


Even though the show starts at 7, you're there camping out from 3. You're a mega fan kitted out in your favourite artists merch, and you absolutely have to make it to the front of the crowd. Others watch you in awe as you weave your way to prime position - front and centre.

The One Who Loses Everyone


You're in a world of your own at every gig. You get lost on your way to the loo and never seem to regroup with the others, even after you call them all 4 times. There's no sign of them at your 'meeting spot' so you spend the entire gig on your own.

The One Who Misses The Headline Act


After forking out £100 for the ticket, you decide that 10 minutes before the show starts is the perfect time to grab some dinner. You're still in the queue for food when you hear the main act starting. You don't want to give up on the food and the stage seems so far away now, so you might as well admit defeat and just enjoy your meal.

The Videographer


This might be our least favourite person at a show! Do everything you can to make sure you're not stuck behind them.

If you're the videographer, you're the one who has your phone out for at least 80% of the gig. You would rather watch your fave artist through a screen and if you didn't post it all on Snapchat, did it ever really happen?!


So there you have it, 6 types of people you're sure to meet at every gig you go to! Which one are you?

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