Narko (Music Potential)

Narko is an artist born and raised in the UK. Specifically hailing from south-east London, Narko has dreams of heavily influencing the UK music scene with abilities to match the ambition. He is an extremely diverse artist boasting the ability to rap and sing as well as a fearless approach to music allowing him to excel on a vast range of genres. Having already performed on stages like Wembley Arena, Stratford Circus and Hyde Park, which have also hosted world class acts, Narko is only getting better with time. With his fierce skill set and the drive to apply them, Narko is set to achieve big things in the near future and thereafter. Narko took part in the songwriting and performance Music Potential programme 2012 and is performing at the Barclaycard Lounge.

Listen to Narko's 'S.O.S': (Warning: this song contains strong language that some people may find offensive.)