Unleashed 2016: Meet The Performers


Music Potential Unleashed returns for another night of amazing performances from Music Potential talent from London and Birmingham.

Music Potential UNLEASHED is back on Thursday August 25th for another amazing night of performances from Music potential talent from London and Birmingham. Find out more about the Music Potential acts hitting the stage at UNLEASHED:


Aeo is a singer songwriter from London whose sound is an ecliptic fusion of pop soul and R&B. A self-proclaimed cup of hot chocolate, Aeo cites Lamar, Kwabs and Seal as his main musical influences and is currently recording new singles and working on his forthcoming EP. Check out Aeo's latest music video here.


Born and Raised in Birmingham, Ashley is a singer/songwriter with Hip-Hop & R&B influences. Ashley aims to express and impress through the use of his talent and passion and is currently working on releasing new music. Check out Ashley's latest release here.


Barbella is a singer/songwriter and producer from Birmingham who loves to release her ideas and emotions through her music. Barbella’s sound is a fuse between R&B, Electronica and Neo-soul and she has previously co-produced with producer Deci4lise. Barbella is currently working on her next release. Check out Barbella's latest release here.


Habone is a 19 year old vocalist and instrumentalist originating from Camden, London. Habone blends smooth vocals with acoustics to create her own indie-soul sound. Her main influences include Jeff Buckley and Amy Winehouse and she is currently working on her debut EP. Check out Habone's releases here.


Keedz is a 23-year-old grime artist from South London who aims to inspire through her music. Keedz is a story teller who articulates her experiences through hard hitting rhymes and punchlines. Her musical influences include Michael Jackson and Kano and Keedz is currently working on her forthcoming EP: Let me introduce myself. Watch Keedz' music video for 'Bringing Grime Back' here. 


Roach is a 25-year-old artist, producer and sound engineer from London. The versatile, melodic rapper cites Timbaland, Future and David Guetta as his main influences and has previously produced for the likes of Mike GLC and Scorcher. He is currently working on his 6th mixtape. Check out Roach's latest music video here. 


T33K1D is a 23-year-old rapper from Birmingham, England. T33K1D expresses real life issues in his music with an honest style and hard hitting lyricism. Tupac, Wretch 32, Nas and Nipsey Hussle as his main influences and T33K1D is currently recording his new EP: Life and Poetry. Check out T33K1D's latest music video here.


Tee lyrical is a rapper from Birmingham who focuses on conscious themes and current affairs. Combining complex simplicity in her rhymes, Tee cites her influences as Drake and her personal life experiences and is currently working on releasing her debut single.


Vulumm is a neo-soul funk and jazz singer/songwriter from London. Vulumm possesses powerful vocals and showcases her great storytelling abilities with a loud twist. Her main influences include Erykah Badu, Jill Scott, NAYO and Anne-Marie and she is currently working on a new project.


Vycke G is a 24 year old soulful singer/songwriter from Birmingham, England. A fun loving open spirit, she aims to express her emotions through soul and her musical influences include Lauryn Hill and Kano. She is currently working on her debut EP.

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