17 Old Tweets From Rappers & Singers That Are Definitely Still Worth A Retweet

11 May 2018, 13:44

Celebrity Tweets

We've been digging into the archives of your favourite artists Twitter accounts and found some gems.

Cast your mind back to something you tweeted about seven years ago, and you're more than likely going to cringe at the sort of thing 'Past You' was going on about.

Luckily for us average Twitter users, it's unlikely that anyone is going to start digging around our old archives any time soon - for celebrities, however, it's different story.

We've compiled a list of the funniest, wildest, most random and even self-fulfilling Tweets from our favourite rappers and singers that are just too good to forget about.

And definitely still worth a retweet.


50 Cent was not here for chores.


The struggle for Lil Jon was real.


Thanks for clarifying, Shaq.


Nicki Minaj was asking the real questions.


Well, Mariah... 


Five Grammy nominations later! Khalid knew his destiny. 


Same, Eminem. 


Instant Rihtweet.


Another important question, courtesy of 2010 Ashanti.


French Montana with the fire insults.


Easter was a confusing time for Schoolboy Q.


Seriously though, is Shaq okay?


Thanks to Kendrick, we can breathe again.


Where was Rick Ross in 2014?


Diddy has been motivating/oversharing since '09.


Someone answer Ed Sheeran, please.


And finally, one from Meek Mill #OMG!!!!.


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