24 Of The Most Uplifting EDM Song Riffs Ever


Sit back, press play and get ready to absorb some of the most uplifting riffs, melodies and hooks EDM has to offer.

1) Nervo – 'Reason' (Released: 2011)

If you want uplifting, they don't come much more uplifting than 'Reason' by Nervo. The track has remained an EDM classic every since it was released in 2011.

2) Avicii – 'Levels' (Released: 2011)

Still Avicii's biggest hit to date, 'Levels' epitomizes everything that is MASSIVE about the Swedish DJ. The track's huge rising synth chorus has soundtrack just about every film and TV soundtrack you can imagine in the last 24 months.

3) Calvin Harris – 'I'm Not Alone' (Released: 2010)

One of the Scottish DJ's early EDM releases, 'I'm Not Alone' remains one of the biggest choruses in the genre's history.

4) Nadia Ali, Alex Kenji, Star Killers – 'Pressure' (Alesso Remix) (Released: 2011)

'Pressure's' stuttered chorus is a signature Alesso technique and it stands alone as one of the uplifting EDM tracks around.

5) Pryda – 'Allein' (Released: 2012)

One of Eric Prydz' many pseudonyms, Pryda's 'Allein' set the US dance charts alight in 2012, thanks to its sing-along "Allein, Allein" and soaring synths that came backed with Prydz' trademark bass-driven beats.

6) Madeon – 'The City' (Released: 2012)

Madeon's hallmark of collision of synths is at the centre of 'The City', arguably the French producer's biggest sing-along anthem to date.

7) Swedish House Mafia Feat. Pharrell Williams – 'One' (Released: 2010)

When you think of EDM, you think of Swedish House Mafia. The production trio's collaboration with Pharrell Williams on 'One' remains their biggest moment to date, with a dark melody that will go into the dance music history books.

8) Porter Robinson 'Language' (Released: 2012)

The youthful Porter Robinson seemingly burst out of nowhere with 'Language' in 2012, quickly establishing himself as one of EDM's biggest rising stars. It's 'Language's' simple piano melody that makes it so memorable.

9) Zedd Feat. Matthew Koma – 'Spectrum' (Released: 2012)

Like Madeon, Zedd's powerful use of stunted synths make 'Spectrum' infectiously uplifting.

10) CAZZETTE – 'Beam Me Up' (Released: 2012)

Like all good dance music, CAZZETTE's 'Beam Me Up' proves that when it comes to making uplifting EDM, vocals need to be as simple as possible. The simple refrain of "Beam me up" is it all it takes here as the tune drops into its elevating chorus.

11) Sebastian Ingrosso & Alesso Feat. Ryan Tedder – 'Calling (Lose My Mind)' (Released: 2012)

You don't get much bigger than Sebastian Ingrosso and Alesso, so when you throw songwriter Ryan Tedder into the mix, it's guaranteed to make for an exciting collaboration. 'Call (Lose My Mind)' is a certified anthem.

12) Skrillex – 'Scary Monsters And Nice Spirtes'

How do you make a dirty bass anthem uplifting? Just ask Skrillex.

13) Deadmau5 – 'I Remember' (Released: 2008)

In the company of hard-hitting EDM, Deadmau5' 'I Remember' might on the surface seem like chillout, but make no mistakes, there's nothing reserved about this song. The subtle synths have all the hallmarks of a warm summer and, as is Deadmau5' trademark, they develop from nowhere into an epic crescendo.

14) Redlight – 'Lost In Your Love' (Released: 2012)

Old school piano is at the heart of Redlight's 'Lost In Your Love', and when there's a piano hook, you can be sure it's going to be uplifting.

15) Otto Knows – 'A Million Voices' (Released: 2012)

Sweden's 'Otto Knows' owned 2012 with 'A Million Voices', which is blessed with the kind of uplifting melody that even your grandma will be singing along!

16) Burns – 'Lies' (Otto Knows Remix) (Released: 2012)

'Lies' was already an uplifting anthem before Otto Knows came along and literally lifted it onto another planet.

17) Florence + The Machine – 'Spectrum (Say My Name)' (Calvin Harris Remix) (Released: 2012)

As Florence's cover of 'You Got The Love' showed, the London singer is blessed with vocals that are made for big EDM anthems – and as far as big EDM anthems go, they don't come much bigger than 'Spectrum (Say My Name)'. While the piano hook drives the track, it's Florence's voice that is really in charge.

18) Afrojack – 'The Way I See The World' (Released: 2011)

With vocals from Nervo, 'The Way I See The World' is arguably Afrojack's biggest moment to date.

19) Sebastian Ingrosso Feat. John Martin – 'Reload' (Released: 2013)

Another track from one of Swedish House Mafia, 'Reload' proves how integral the group and its individual members have been to EDM music. Sebastian Ingrosso's collaboration with John Martin has all the hallmarks of a classic.

20) Skrillex And Diplo Feat. Justin Bieber – 'Where Are Ü Now' (Released: 2015)

An unlikely collaboration for some, but Skrillex and Diplo once again prove how to make a hit EDM song. The catchy chorus combined with the uplifting riff makes this an amazing track.

21) Calvin Harris – 'Summer' (Released: 2014)

There is no messing about with this Calvin Harris track. After the quick drop, the song powers through with positive lyrics, a euphoric melody and that much-loved piano loop.

22) Alesso Feat. Tove Lo – 'Heroes (We Could Be)' (Released: 2014)

Strong uplifting vocals from Tove Lo and an even stronger melodic bass by Alesso, made this one of the biggest EDM tracks of 2014. 

23) Axwell /\ Ingrosso – 'Something New' (Released: 2014)

The mighty Axwell and Sebastian Ingrosso, formerly of Swedish House Mafia, came together for the first single of their debut album 'Something New' and created an EDM anthem. The uptempo beat and catchy lyrics take you through to an epic drop - full of a energy and melody.

24) Deorro Feat. Chris Brown – 'Five More Hours' (Released: 2015)

Chris Brown and EDM seems to be a winning formula. He added his vocals to Deorro's uptempo beat to create a perfect fist-pumping party anthem.