The Very Best Of The Internet's New 'Make Up Transformation' Craze

13 August 2014, 14:44 | Updated: 11 May 2017, 15:53

Rihanna make-up transformation

The internet is a hilarious place sometimes.

Men all over the internet are picking up make-up and transforming their faces to look like their favourite celebrities as a part of the latest internet craze which has been dubbed 'Make Up Transformation'.

The results are sometimes uncanny, sometimes ridiculous and sometimes outright hilarious. 

Take a look at the very best below.

There's the 'Drake' make-up transformation.

The 'Big Sean' make-up transformation.

The 'I'll add just enough stubble to look like The Rock' make-up transformation.

The 'I'll write on my chest and splash my face and that will make me look as sexy as Trey Songz' make-up transformation.

Then there's the guy that got really really into it (like, REALLY into it) and did a 'Lil Kim' make-up transformation.

The 'I just happened to have the right shade of lipstick lying around to make me look like Rihanna' make-up transformation.  

The 'My cheekbones are so much better than Kris Jenner's' make-up transformation.  

The 'Snoop Doggy Dog' make-up transformation. 

There's the guy that looked so much like Rick Ross to begin with, he really didn't need to do a make-up transformation. 

The 'I had Lupita Nyong'o's hairband first anyway' make-up transformation.

The 'i'm not actually going to put any make-up on i'm just going to get topless next to a picture of Miguel' make-up transformation.

The utterly hilarious 'I look the spitting image of Nicki Minaj here' make-up transformation. 

The 'this is the pain I need to go through to look like Nelly' make-up transformation. 

And we will leave you with this, the scarily uncanny 'Tupac' make-up transformation. 

Just amazing.