16 Of The Craziest Fan Reactions That Will Leave You Speechless

Crazy Fan Moments

Here's what happened when these dedicated stans found themselves face to face with their favourite star.

Sometimes, meeting your idol can be a a bit overwhelming.

From emotional fangirls and hyped up crowds to amazing singers and promising rappers, these fans took their reactions to the next level!

This girl went to see Drake and just couldn't handle it.


When it's real... #bmwt #boymeetsworldtour @melissachekera

A post shared by Word On Road (@wordonrd) onFeb 3, 2017 at 10:09am PST


This club in Manchester went mad for Drizzy.


The crowd cheering for Drake last night at Bijou nightclub in Manchester. @georgia.hubbard

A post shared by Word On Road (@wordonrd) onFeb 13, 2017 at 12:15pm PST


Nicki Minaj met her biggest fan in Belfast.


And was blown away by his talents.


One fan stopped Kanye and rapped for him.


Kendrick Lamar and this fan sent the crowd absolutely wild.


This Hive member took a golden opportunity to sing for Bey.


As did this fan...


This fan's stunning vocals also took Rihanna by surprise.


RiRi's Navy are on another level.


Beyonce even got dragged off stage at a gig.


Drake brought one emotional fan on stage.


But Ariana Grande didn't really plan on this fan joining her...


Chris Brown got VERY close to this concert-goer.


As did Usher...


Artists can fangirl too! Here's Nicki Minaj losing it over Lauryn Hill.

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