The funniest memes from Power Book II: Ghost

11 September 2020, 17:49

The funniest memes from Power Book II: Ghost
The funniest memes from Power Book II: Ghost. Picture: Getty

'Power Book 2:Ghost' first episode sparks hilarious memes on Twitter.

By Tiana Williams

Since the American crime drama series Power ended its six-season, fans have been highly anticipating the upcoming and current spin-off shows.

Power Book II: Ghost - trailer, release date, cast, plot and more

Brand new spin-off series 'Power Boom II:Ghost' recently dropped off their first episode, expanding the world of the show with a fresh story.


The first episode of the new spin-off series is a continuation from the season 6 finale, where Tariq and his mother Tasha is left to life after Ghost's death.

Power Book II: Ghost follows Tariq on his journey after living with the fact that he murdered his father, James 'Ghost' St. Patrick.

In the first episode is in jail after being suspected of murdering Ghost. However, she is covering for her son Tariq, and the episode shows how he tries to save her from being charged.

One of the ways Tariq attempts to help his mother, is by hiring lawyer Davis Maclean (played by Method Man), who in turn charges him $500,000 just for a conversation, leaving Tariq no choice but to find that money - whatever it takes.

After the first episode, many fans took to Twitter to discuss what had happened.

While many fans were getting deep into theories about whether Tariq will hand himself in, or whether Tommy Egan could be held accountable for Ghost's feather – other fans simply reacted with hilarious memes about the show. See hilarious memes from Episode 1 below.

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