Capital XTRA's Book Club: How to get involved

11 September 2020, 15:14

What is Capital XTRA’s Book Club?

Capital XTRA's Leah Davis is the host of our brand new book club and we want you to get involved!

Now more than ever, reading for both entertainment and education is more important than ever. The Black Lives Matter protests have seen a huge amount of people pick up a book for the first time in years to learn something new and it's a beautiful thing to see.

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So we've decided to launch over very own Capital XTRA Book Club, hosted by our amazing presenter Leah Davis and we want YOU to join us!

How does Capital XTRA's Book Club work?

Every two weeks we'll add a new book to our growing reading list and will list it across our website, as well as on our Instagram and Twitter accounts.

During that two weeks, everyone will then have the chance to read the book and take it in at their own pace before Leah hosts a 'book club meeting', where she'll be joined by authors and book club members to discuss the latest read. The content will live on Capital XTRA's IGTV.

How can I join Capital XTRA's Book Club?

To join, all you need to do is read the book that we're currently reading and join us for the review on IGTV. Details of the latest book and dates for the next IGTV Book Club meeting are here.

What happens if I can't read the book in two weeks?

If you're not able to read the whole of the current book before Leah hosts the review on IGTV, don't worry!

The IGTV will be saved on our Instagram account and will also be available to watch back on our YouTube channel. Plus, we'll keep a list of all the books we've read so far so you can take part in the book club and read at you own pace.

Which books have been covered so far?

- Natives: Race and Class in the Ruins of Empire by Akala
- The Clapback: Your Guide to Calling out Racist Stereotypes by Elijah Lawal
-Think Like A White Man: A Satirical Guide to Conquering the World... While Black by Boule Whytelaw and Nels Abbey

-Dreaming in a Nightmare: Finding a Way Forward in a World That's Holding You Back by Jeremiah Emmanuel