Tupac’s Former Bandmate Reveals His Surprising Tour Bus Habits - WATCH

31 October 2017, 16:04 | Updated: 31 October 2017, 16:09

Tupac's 'All Eyez On Me' biopic DVD has revealed some unheard stories about the rapper...

Tupac’s former Digital Underground bandmate Money B has revealed some of the rapper's surprising tour habits in the official DVD release of ‘All Eyez On Me’.

The rapper, who was in the seminal Hip-Hop group with Pac during the early 1990s, shared some interesting anecdotes in a special interview with West Coast DJ Big Boy. 

“Pac was well rounded,” he began. “When we used to be on tour and on the bus, he would be in the back listening to Mariah Carey, reading poetry or some book.” 

Money B continued: “He wasn’t just ‘Thug Life’, Hennessy and blunts. I think a lot of younger people gravitate towards that part of it. But they don’t realise he was a Humanitarian, he read, he was an actor.” 

The former rapper and hype man then spoke about Tupac’s love for theatre and the arts.

“He studied Shakespeare, he wrote poetry – he even wanted to open restaurants. [Tupac] was really working towards these things.”

Watch the full clip of Money B’s conversation above.


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During the roundtable discussion, he also reveals Tupac’s surprise at his infamous 1994 shooting and how the ‘Hit Em Up’ rapper was trying to ‘save’ his community. 

The clip is taken from a special excerpt of the new Tupac ‘All Eyez On Me’ DVD called ‘Conversations: Tupac’s Influence On The Music World’.

The interesting roundtable discussion features Benny Boom (the movie's director), L.T Hutton (the movie's producer), Big Boy, Money B and more.

Watch the exclusive full segment below: 


‘Tupac: All Eyez On Me’ is now available on DVD.

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