Tupac Shakur statue labelled a "joke" by fans who claim it looks nothing like rapper

21 January 2020, 14:03 | Updated: 22 January 2020, 09:02

A bronze statue of rap legend Tupac Shakur was erected in Dallas recently but fans claim it doesn't look anything like him.

Tupac Shakur is one of the most important rappers to have ever picked up a microphone, so it makes sense that a statue of the late rapper would be created to celebrate his life.

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Well a tweet showing a bronze statue of Tupac has gone viral after rap fans revealed their shock amid claims it looks nothing like the 'Changes' rapper.

Taking to the replies underneathe the original tweet about the Tupac statue, one fan wrote, 'Tupac's Statue should have him in a bandana, nose pierced, dressed like a bratha' not a like a brother. And if possible in a 64... I bet in most people's minds, when they picture the late Tupac Amaru, he ain't wearing no suit. But what I just described, yo!'

Another added, 'It has to go.... We won't entertain mediocrity' and there were plenty more confused and hilarious reactions to the Tupac statue below...

After some detective work, people managed to work out that the Tupac statue was neither new nor in Dallas. In fact, the bronze statue of the 'All Eyez On Me' rapper was previously found in Stone Mountain, Georgia and was located outside the Tupac Amaru Shakur Center for the Arts.

After Tupac's mother Assata Shakur sold the centre, the statue was removed and so the picture which has gone viral on social media is of that old statue rather than a new one.

Reports have claimed that a new statue of Tupac was commissioned for $500,000 back in 2017, however, a new sculpture of Pac has failed to emerge so far.

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