Watch Tinie Tempah Give A Speech On The Pursuit Of Happiness

15 January 2015, 11:53

Tinie talks about why real contentment and fulfilment must come from within.

A video of Tinie Tempah giving an inspiring speech on the pursuit of happiness at London's Barbican centre is available to watch online. 

Recorded as a part of The Observer Ideas, the ten minute speech hears the 'Tsunami' rapper talk about his career beginnings, achieving his dreams and the worth of material possessions.

"The one thing that i'll say to you is if you can find the confidence within yourself as a person, and you can figure out what fulfilling your full potential will mean to you, I guarantee you that the feeling you'll feel will feel far greater than any material thing that's been put in front of you."

Based on that, Tinie defines what happiness means to him and how other people can achieve it.

"My theory on the pursuit of happiness and self contentment is that it is purely within" Tinie tells the 2000 strong crowd. "A human being at his or her happiest is somebody who feels like that have achieved their full potential, whatever that is."

Watch the full speech above.

(Warning: This video contains strong language some people may find offensive.)