The Weeknd shocks fans with his Nutty Professor Halloween costume

2 November 2020, 15:38 | Updated: 2 November 2020, 15:42

The Weeknd shocks fans with his Nutty Professor Halloween costume
The Weeknd shocks fans with his Nutty Professor Halloween costume. Picture: Getty/Instagram

Singer The Weeknd has showed off his impressive Halloween costume, as he transforms into Sherman Klump.

By Tiana Williams

The Weeknd shocked his fans after debuting his iconic Halloween costume, at Kendall Jenner's Halloween-themed 25th birthday party.

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On Saturday (Oct 31) the 30-year-old singer transformed into Eddie Murphy's character, Sherman Klump, from the classic 1996 film 'The Nutty Professor'.

The "Blinding Lights" wore prosthetic make-up and a body size enhancing costume to embody the iconic genetics professor.

On Sunday (Nov 1) The Weeknd took to Instagram to give his fans a closer look at his impressive costume.

The Weeknd smiled brightly, highlighting his fake double chin, while his chubby hands were on display, mimicking the character.

Posing for snaps as Mr. Klump, The Weeknd held a beaker full of light green liquid in his hands, before sharing videos to show off his costume.

The Weeknd nailed the look by wearing a tweed jacket over a blue pinstripe shirt, not forgetting the red polka-dot bow tie.

The singer also wore an afro wig and a fake moustache, and accessorised with glasses to make the transformation more precise.

In a video The Weeknd shared, he danced in character as Sherman Klump, while smoking a cigar mimicking the nutty professor's demeanour.

Kendall attended her 25th birthday party on Halloween, despite her birthday actually being on Tuesday.

The 24-year-old supermodel came to her party dressed as Pamela Anderson from her 1996 cult classic, 'Barb Wire'.

The KUWTK reality TV star has received backlash for throwing the party, as the attendees did not seem to wear masks or be socially distanced.

See fans reactions to The Weeknd's costume below.

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