The 19 Best Songs By The Weeknd

The Weeknd Starboy Single

Featuring music from 'Trilogy,' 'Kiss Land,' 'Beauty Behind The Madness' and more.

If you love The Weeknd's 'Beauty Behind The Madness' album and fallen in love with tracks like 'Tell All Your Friends' and 'Can't Feel My Face,' it's time for you to get 'Acquainted' (see what we did there?) with more of Abel Tesfaye's discoography.

The Weeknd dropped three outstanding mixtapes back in 2011, 'House Of Balloons,' 'Thursday' and 'Echoes Of Silence,' all of which were eventually remastered for his 2012 compilation album 'Trilogy.' 

Together with his 2014 album 'Kiss Land' and other songs, some created for movie soundtracks, The Weeknd's track record in producing amazing music is second to none. 

Get familiar with some of his best songs below.

'Earned It'

The Weeknd slowed things down for a sultry track taken from the official '50 Shades Of Grey' movie.

'High For This'

The first track on 'House Of Balloons,' the first of The Weeknd's iconic trio of 2011 mixtapes, sets the scene for what to expect from Abel's unique sound. 


This 'Beauty Behind The Madness' track hears The Weeknd find himself wanting a woman for more than just sex and although he scares away from admitting he's "in love," he is very pleased the two are "acquainted".

'The Party And The After Party'

'The Party And The After Party' tells the story of The Weeknd racing a girl up the stairs at a party and samples 'Maser Of None' by Beach House.


Many of The Weeknd's songs are intense but 'Initiation' is filled with disturbing themes and haunting imagery, accompanied by the constant pitch-shifting of his voice. Very edgy but a big track nonetheless!

'What You Need'

When he released this track on his 'House Of Balloons' mixtape, The Weeknd sampled Aaliyah's Rock The Boat.' Unfortunately, when it was remastered for 'The Trilogy,' he couldn't secure the rights to keep The Princess of R&B's sound on it.

'Rolling Stone'

On the cusp of fame, The Weeknd dropped 'Rolling Stone' on his second 2011 mixtape, 'Thursday.' It hears his mind wander about whether he will change - and whether his relationship will change - once he's famous. "So baby love me before they all love me, until you won't love me, because they all love me, I'll be different, I think i'll be different, I hope i'm not different," he sings. 

'The Zone' Feat. Drake 

The Weeknd and Drake teamed up for their first collaboration on 'The Zone' - seven full minutes of the two Canadian artists singing about sipping and strippers. 

'The Morning'

'The Morning' is responsible for what is possibly one of The Weeknd's best hooks ever. 

'Tell Your Friends'

It's no surprise that one of the stand out tracks on The Weeknd's 'Beauty Behind The Madness' is the Kanye West co-produced 'Tell Your Friends.' It's also therefore no surprise that 'Tell All Your Friends' is the track Drizzy decided to jump on just weeks after its release. 

'Wicked Games'

The first of The Weeknd's tracks to be released as a single, 'Wicked Games' peaked at 43 in Canada, 53 in the US and 152 in the UK when it dropped in 2012. If it was released in 2015, would it have been a number one single?


On 'Montreal', The Weeknd sings to the girl that slipped through his fingers. "I guess you had no idea that you could have persuaded me/ Girl, you could have had me doing anything you pleased." 

'House Of Ballons/Glass Table Girls' 

This track defines The Weeknd's unique style prior to the release of 'Starboy'. The title track from his mixtape 'House Of Ballons' is drug-fuelled and dangerous.


If you need a break from The Weeknd's dark and moody signature sound, give the more uptempo 'Wanderlust' a go. The track was released on The Weeknd's Kiss Land' album. 

'Can't Feel My Face'

The Weeknd channels a sound similar to Michael Jackson's on his first number one US single with 'Can't Feel My Face'. 

'Devil May Cry'

The Weeknd brought some inspirational words to the 'The Hunger Games: Catching Fire' soundtrack with the theatrical 'Devil May Cry.' Most quotable lyric: "The world will be yours for the taking/ The story you birth will be ageless/ Just learn to love pain and be patient."

'Prisoner' Feat. Lana Del Rey 

The Weeknd and Lana Del Rey on one track? This was always going to be great. 


The Weeknd sings about his sexual conquests on his huge 'Beauty Behind The Madness' single.


Following a lengthy hiatus, The Weeknd made huge return in 2016 with a brand new hairstyle and accompanying hairstyle.