Stormzy Stirred Up Trouble On Love Island, And Twitter Reacted Hilariously

18 July 2017, 15:54 | Updated: 18 July 2017, 16:02

Stormzy smile

The MC’s tweet was read out on the show and almost caused a ruckus between Chris and Olivia.

During a game section on the ITV show, presenter Caroline Flack read out Stormzy’s tweet with one of the contestant’s names covered up:

“Blank you’re too good for her mate”

One team guessed the missing name was Chris and got it right.

The “her” in the tweet was Olivia.

Chris thought Stormzy's tweet was great, Olivia, not so much.

“That was a good answer, Chris. Yeah,” she said.

“Yeah, well let’s not lose our heads, it’s just a bit of fun innit,” Chris replied.

Twitter's reaction to Stormzy's support for Chris was hilarious

Or possibly Olivia turning up at the next Stormzy show.

Stormzy isn’t the only Grime star getting heavy into Love Island. AJ Tracey wants a collab too!

If anyone’s going to be making music after leaving the island then surely it’s former Blazing Squad member, and favourite guy to win, Marcel Somerville?