Snoop Dogg Has Put Himself Forward To Be Twitter's Next CEO

12 June 2015, 11:00

Snoop Dogg at Live 8

The Doggfather throws his hat into the ring.

Snoop Dogg has thrown his hat into the ring for the position of Twitter’s new CEO.

The Long Beach rapper put himself forward as a replacement for CEO Dick Costolo, who recently announced that he is stepping down after a decline in the company’s growth.

He kicked off his campaign by tweeting: “Im ready to lead @twitter !! #SnoopforCEO”, adding “First order of Business! Get that Moolah! #SnoopforCEO @twitter”.

The Doggfather has in his favour a wealth of business experience running his own empire. Snoop’s profolio includes his own Skullcrushers headphones, a line of branded Adidas sneakers and he also serves as the chairman of Priory Records.

“Snoop’s partners also say he’s not the kind of celebrity who leaves it to underlings to execute his moneymaking dreams,” a profile in Forbes revealed, “staying immersed in the details of all his business endeavors.”

He’s already received a number of endorsements on Twitter, with supporters suggesting what improvements he might bring to the social media platform. “Next announcement: @twitter becomes Twizzle under #SnoopforCEO,” one user predicted.

Among Snoop’s more audacious, unrealised business ventures have been a chain of supermarkers, called “Snoopermarkets”, that would serve poor urban areas and offer everything for under $20 and a nightclub chain named Snoopies.