19 Inspiring Skepta Tweets Guaranteed To Lift You Up

Skepta inspiring tweet

Skepta's Twitter account is a reminder of how to Shutdown your haters.

Skepta - he's a Grime superstar known for releasing bangers like 'Shutdown,' topping 'Best Dressed' lists, being mates with Drake and of course, his crew BBK. 

But there's another, equally important side of Skepta that receives less attention than it deserves - his Twitter account. 

The 715,000 people that follow Skepta on the social network will know that, honestly, Skepta's Twitter account is inspiring af. Below, we round up some of his greatest advice.

On how to start your day:


On being yourself:


On planning ahead:


On letting things go:


On teamwork:


On competition:


On judging people:


On friendship:


On relationships:


On living your life:


On making time for people:


On applying yourself:


On appreciation:


On keeping promises (this happened five years later):


On lying:


On deciding who you want to be:


On real love:


On choosing what you want to be when you grow up:


Keep on inspiring us, Skepta.