Rita Ora Actually Wore A 'Not Becky' Badge To The Met Gala

3 May 2016, 16:24

Rita Ora wears 'Not Becky' badge after Met Gala

Rita Ora is official not Becky with the good hair.

The world was already pretty confident that Rita Ora was in fact not 'Becky with the good hair', aka the woman Beyoncé calls out in 'Lemonade' for sleeping with her husband, Jay Z (keep up!)

But if there was still any doubt in your mind you can now remove it because last night Rita Ora was spotted at a Met Gala after-party sporting an actual badge that reads 'Not Becky.'

Rita Ora wears 'Not Becky' badge after Met Gala


Let us zoom in on that for you...

Rita and Beyoncé were also seen sharing a moment on Snapchat together whilst enjoying the gala, further confirming there's no bad blood. 

The search for Becky continues.