The Broken Phone Rihanna Signed Is Currently Going For Over $58,000 On eBay

15 May 2014, 09:33

Rihanna broken phone ebay

Remember seeing that photo of Rihanna dropping and smashing a phone? This is what's happened next.

The phone that Rihanna dropped, smashed and then signed during a basketball game earlier in the week is being auctioned off on eBay at a current price of over $58,000.

Photos broke earlier in the week of the moment a stunned Rih dropped the LAPD chief's phone, with him posting a picture of the cracked phone with Rihanna signature on not long after. 

Steve Sobroff wrote on the listing on eBay; "Thank you Rihanna and all of her wonderful fans who have made this story go viral, and for your interest in supporting the Los Angeles Police Foundation."

There has so far been 101 bids on the cracked phone, with 11 hours to go until the auction closes, the winning bid currently stands at $58,100 (at 9.30am 15th May.)