Rihanna accused of cultural appropriation over models in braids for Savage x Fenty show

30 September 2021, 15:46

Fans are debating whether the Savage x Fenty models should have worn braids.

Rihanna has come under fire following her Savage x Fenty volume 3 fashion show.

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The show featured a range of celebrities, such a Normani and BIA - however, controversy has arisen from the fact that white models were spotted wearing braids.

Fans have had mixed reactions to the controversy - after models, including actor Vanessa Hudgens was seen rocking braids for the iconic show.

The fashion show is a staple of the musician and entrepreneur's lingerie line - which boasts inclusivity.

The hairstyle has been called cultural appropriation
The hairstyle has been called cultural appropriation. Picture: Getty

Fans have taken to Twitter to share their outrage, with one Twitter user tweeting: "I wish I could write something as funny as Rihanna putting all these white girls in braids for the fenty show".

However, some people have clapped back to defend Vanessa - saying: "Y’all do know that Vanessa is Hispanic right?".

Rihanna as been accused of committing cultural approriation
Rihanna as been accused of committing cultural approriation. Picture: Getty

However, more critics came for the shows host saying: "why did rihanna let vanessa hudgens and emily ratajkowski wear braids in the fenty show".

Another fan even wrote: "did y’all see vanessa hudgens in those braids? rihanna needs a whooping!".

"Loving everything about this show except why are white women in braids??? Rihanna?? What’s good!? I need answers."

The criticism continued, with one Twitter user writing: "he comments and quotes tell u ppl only saying they don’t care cuz it’s Rihanna."

"Let it had been someone else and we would’ve seen the typical “cultural appropriation” tweets. lol". they continued.

Another fan joined in with slandering the 'Work' singer, tweeting: "Rihanna is doing everything to make y’all realize she’s a terrible human and it’s hilarious to me".

However, some tried to shut down the appropriation claims - saying: "White models been rocking braids for a min this isnt new".

Another wrote: "I really don't get this cultural appropriation thing? Shouldn't we be glad that different cultures are appreciating other cultures? It's just weird.".

What are your thoughts on the cultural appropriation claims?

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