Rihanna Still Hasn’t Dropped 'R8' And Twitter Wants Answers

Rihanna BET Awards 2015

Summer is over, Rihanna.

After Rihanna released her hit single ‘FourFiveSeconds’ alongside Kanye West and Paul McCartney in January, the Internet was rife was rumours of a new Rihanna album called ‘R8’.

When she followed up with her singles ‘American Oxygen’ and ‘B**ch Better Have My Money’, the world was ready for the singer’s eighth studio album.

However, since the release of the controversial video for ‘BBHMM’ on 1st July, Rihanna has been very quiet on the music front and Twitter wants answers.

There are those who are simply confused:

Those who are starting to get impatient:

And those who have simply had enough:

Some people have even become religious in their search for answers:

While others have become creative in their desperation:

This person thinks Rih-Rih has been deflecting from the real issue at hand:

And this person even thinks Frank Ocean is involved. We haven’t forgotten, Frank!

Has Rihanna been trolling us the whole time?

What if her rumoured romance with Travis Scott is a delaying tactic?!

Even Lady Gaga can't help us:

But we know when Rihanna finally drops ‘R8’, Twitter will be like: