This Is The Internet's Case For Why 'Kiss It Better' Should Be Rihanna's Next 'ANTI' Single

4 February 2016, 15:28 | Updated: 4 February 2016, 15:39

Rihanna blowing kiss

The Navy has spoken.

Ever since Rihanna dropped her highly anticipated eighth studio album 'ANTI' - and the record's first single, 'Work' - all anyone's been talking about it what track should be the next single, and there's a clear winner. 

If you didn't know already, the internet has already decided Rihanna's next release for her - and it's called 'Kiss It Better.' 

If you haven't heard 'Kiss It Better' aka the best song on 'ANTI' yet, what are you even doing?


Some are calling it the song of the year. 


Some are calling it the song of the decade.


Others have gone all 'Kanye West' over it.


One brave person on Twitter admitted it wasn't even their 2nd or 3rd favourite. 

And they paid the price for it. 


So if you don't like it keep your feelings to yourself, cause the Navy aren't having it.


Maybe you need to press repeat to understand the hype. 


Have you even paid any attention to that riff?


And the lyrics...  


So basically, the internet has concluded...


And they're non-stop @'ing Rihanna over it. 


If you still weren't convinced, these 55 Retweets should seal it. 


Rihanna, you know what you need to do.