25 Reasons Why Rihanna Was The Best Person On Snapchat

Rihanna snapchat

Rihanna has made her mark on Instagram and now she is totally owning Snapchat.

Kanye West, Chris Brown, Drake and Christina Milian are just some artists who are working Snapchat right now but no one does it quite like Rihanna and here's why...

1) She'll take you behind the scenes in rehearsals.

2) And behind the scenes of her most recent holiday. 


3) She'll even share her beauty secrets with you.

4) But don't get it twisted... This is not a Free Spirits commercial. 

5) But that shade has now sold out...

6) And if you do follow Rih, you can go to all the after parties with her too.

7) And boy does she know how to work it.

8) She'll party wherever she is... Even if it's dancing to Beyoncé's 7/11 in the back of a car.

9) And nothing will stand in her way... Not even this bug.


10) Or this fish.

11) And when she's not hands on with nature she's sharing beautiful moments with you, like when she was maid of honour at her assistant Jennifer Rosales' wedding in Hawaii.


12) And when she went go karting for her lil bro's 19th birthday.


13) Not forgetting that those moments backstage on the ANTI World tour.


14) She even sent a Snapchat of her baby cousins Majesty's first Easter.


15) But still was still had time to experiment with some new filters.


A video posted by Rihanna Daily (@rihannadaily) onAug 14, 2016 at 3:46am PDT


16) She even captured the moment she heard 'American Oxygen' on the radio.

17) Self-promotion has never looked so good. 

18) Obviously colour coordination on Snapchat is a must.


19) As is twerking in a harness.

20) But on top of all the fun, friendships and laughs that she shares, Rih is more than willing to show you her weaknesses over Snapchat...

21) Yes, even Rih likes a filter.

22) She'll take you on her tour bus.

23) And no, the lip syncing never gets old.


24) Nor does this.

25)  And before the day is over she'll let you know that she's about to crash, so you can wake up thinking of her and her Snapchat all over again.