Rihanna’s Faux Locs Were Played With And Twitter’s Reaction Was Truly Hilarious

6 December 2016, 11:08

Rihanna Dreadlocks Subway Oceans 8


Rihanna’s faux locs were played with on the set of Ocean’s 8, and her reaction sent Twitter users into meltdown.

The viral photos show RiRi’s iconic dreads being touched by co-star Sarah Paulson on the NY subway.

And it's safe to say Rihanna’s deadpan facial expression makes her appear less than impressed.  

But whilst we don’t know what was said during the pair’s exchange, these Twitter users came up with some hilarious suggestions:

It is currently unknown as to whether these snaps were taken during filming or whilst the actresses were on a break.

Meanwhile, it was recently rumoured that Rihanna had befriended a homeless woman and gave her free Puma Creepers while filming Ocean's 8.

However the woman in question, later revealed herself to be the owner of a building in front of where they were shooting.

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