Has Rick Ross Dissed Drake On New Song ‘Color Money’?

3 December 2015, 10:10 | Updated: 4 December 2015, 20:14

Drake and Rick Ross

Rozay has spoken out.

Rick Ross has remained very neutral throughout the feud between Drake and Meek Mill, claiming that “nobody got bodied” in the rap battle.

However the MMG boss appears to have weighed in on the situation on his new song ‘Color Money’. 

Listen to the song below:

“My lil homie made a million on his girl tour / We back to back and down to whack a n**a unborn / Miami n**as got them changing all the gun laws/ 

"So run Forrest got some shooters and they dying too / I got more money than that p***y that you’re signed to,” Rozay raps. 

While its not clear whether his lyrics were direct shots at Drake, many listeners have given their opinion, including Toronto City Councillor Norm Kelly. 

Meanwhile Rick Ross recently released a new mixtape called ‘Renzel Remixes’, which is the prequel to his upcoming album ‘Black Market’.

The LP is out now.