R Kelly's 'Toenail Surgery' Delays Sexual Assault Court Date

31 October 2019, 10:56

The 'Bump & Grind' singer is currently awaiting trial as he faces charges of sexual assault in Chicago.

After being arrested earlier this year, R Kelly has been held in jail as he awaits a sexual assault charge - but his latest court date was delayed due to an issue with his toenail.

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According to TMZ, R Kelly's lawyer Steven Greenberg informed the judge in the case that R Kelly wasn't able to attend court because he recently had his toenail removed due to an infection.

Reports go on to claim that Greenberg explained to the court that R Kelly was worried that someone would step on his foot if he appeared in court and he's currently wearing a protective boot following the surgery.

Due to the delay, R Kelly's court date was pushed back to February 2020, whilst the R&B singer also faces charges in Illinois, Minnesota and New York.

Back in August reports suggested that R Kelly had "refuse transport" when being moved from his Chicago jail to the court house with his lawyer saying at the time "Suffice to say that the Marshals Service said moving Mr. Kelly is a large undertaking”.

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