R. Kelly Reveals He Wrote His ‘Ignition’ Remix Before The Original & People Are Confused

26 February 2018, 16:51 | Updated: 26 February 2018, 16:53

R. Kelly

R. Kelly has confused Twitter.

R. Kelly has revealed that he wrote his famous song ‘Ignition’ remix before he wrote the original song. 

The troubled R&B singer, who released his remix to ‘Ignition’ back in 2003, made the surprising statement on Twitter.

“Fun fact: I wrote the remix before I wrote I wrote the song,” he wrote.

However following the tweet, fans expressed their confusion. 

During an interview with GQ, R. Kelly bizarrely revealed that he wrote the main section of ‘Ignition’ (Remix) around five years before he wrote ‘Ignition’ – especially the lines:

“It's the remix to 'Ignition'/ hot and fresh out the kitchen”

However he apparently shelved the lyrics because he didn’t think they were any good.

When R. Kelly was asked about how he was able to write the remix to a song that doesn’t exist yet, he admitted it was “ass-backwards”.

The ‘Ignition’ remix and original were both placed on his 2003 album ‘Chocolate Factory’.

Meanwhile, R. Kelly has been in the news recently for after he was reportedly evicted from two of his houses, including the one in which he allegedly had a sex cult

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