Pharrell Releases 'Social Book,' 'Inspiration,' And Wants You To Help Him Finish Writing It

25 April 2014, 12:36


Find out how you can be credited on Pharrell's new book.

If music and TV weren't enough, man of the moment Pharrell Williams has released a book - but there's a catch, there are tons of words missing from it. 

Called 'Inspiration,' the book is being dubbed a 'social book.' It calls on the worldwide public to help him fill in the blanks by guessing the missing word.

"All the words from Pharrell Williams book have been erased" the website hosting the book,, explains. "Join a worldwide community by writing them in real time. Some words will be easy, other hard, but many will have hints to help you". 

Those that guess the words right first will be credited on the book, which will be published once finished. The proceeds will go to 'From One Hand to AnOTHER', a nonprofit organization founded by Pharrell that seeks to help at-risk youths in American communities.