Pharrell Discusses His Creative Process In New Video

17 January 2014, 11:11 | Updated: 17 January 2014, 14:42

Watch Pharrell Williams reveal the process that goes into writing, producing and recording his chart topping music.

Fresh from discovering his Oscar nomination for Despicable Me 2 track 'Happy,' Pharrell has got in front of the camera to reveal the creative process that goes into making his music. 

The one-minute long clip shows the 'Blurred Lines' singer pacing around the studio, an act that he says he does continuously until he finds the right melody. 

"When people listen to my music i'm always hoping that they walk away with some sort of emotional impression" The Neptunes producer said, adding that there has to be "some sort of correlation between what they're listening to and something that may resonate with them". 

This year will see Pharrell release his his second solo album, it will be his first for eight years, having spent time working with a countless number of artists on their own albums. But he's not lost for inspiration for the new album; "theres so much more terrain that's uncovered, virtually undiscovered at all'.

Watch the full Pharrell clip above.