Pharrell Talks Making Music And Reveals His Favourite Artists In New Interview

3 February 2014, 12:11 | Updated: 3 February 2014, 16:09

Watch Pharrell give an interesting insight into his musical world in this ten-minute interview with the 'Happy' singer.

Pharrell Williams has taken some time out to give an insightful interview, revealing everything from his producing process to who his favourite artists are at the moment. 

The producer, who recently won a 'Producer Of The Year' Grammy award, says there are three things that need to be put together to make a good track; what the artist wants when they enter the studio, what their voice sounds like and what would be interesting to pair it with and what their energy is that day. 

Although producing and featuring on countless hit songs over his incredible long-spanning career, this year will see Pharrell release only his second solo album. When it comes to making his own music, the artist reveals that it is a way to channel his madness. 

"I've always been a little left of centre, I think that music helped me and other people make sense of it. You're only crazy when there's nothing to go along with it. When you have these eccentric characteristics, it's more accepted and understood when there's some sort of skill-set to go along with it... Something to make sense of it."

Watch the full interview with Pharrell above.