Pharrell's 'Happy' Performed On Wine Glasses And Cooking Pans Is Amazing

20 March 2014, 08:37 | Updated: 20 March 2014, 08:41

You need to watch this amazing version of the singer's hit song.

There have been lots of covers of Pharrell's 'Happy' doing the rounds in recent months, but none are quite as ambitious as Dan Newbie's 'Wine Glass and Cooking Pans' version that is currently on its way to going viral.

The video is the perfect thing to make you feel good if you're having a bad day, according to Dan.

"This is a little video I made a few days ago on my free time to show how you don't need musical instruments to make music and to cheer myself up going through some tough times," he said on the YouTube description. "I hope you like it."

Well we do like it, Dan.

Now, if you need to feel even happier, then check out this Pentatonix version of 'Happy', which is also pretty incredible.