Is PartyNextDoor Taking Shots At Kehlani In His New Song ‘Own Up To Your S**t’?

19 September 2017, 13:05

PartyNextDoor and Kehlani

Fans suspect PDN is targeting his rumoured former flame...

PartyNextDoor has unleashed a brand new song, 'Own Up To Your S**t' - and people think it's about a certain someone.

Produced by Cassius Jay, the Canadian crooner exposes his vulnerable side as he aims to set the record straight with one of his exes in the new track.

"I was the one who called the ambulance and said you was forgiven / Even though that I was the one that was cheated on / Had to watch you tell the story wrong," PDN sings.

Listen to 'Own Up To Your S**t' below.

Many fans suspect the song is directed at Party's suspected former girlfriend Kehlani, who the OVO signee allegedly dated in 2015.

Last year, Party posted a photo of himself and the 'Sweet, Sexy, Savage' singer in bed together, leading many to believe that she was cheating on her then-boyfriend Kyrie Irvine.

Kehlani was hospitalised the following day following an apparent suicide attempt.

"They don’t believe you, nah / I’m the only one who put his head down on your hospital bed / You the one who let me down" Party can be heard singing in the new track.

Kehlani is yet to respond to the rumours.

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