Ellen DeGeneres Parodied Nicki Minaj’s New Sitcom And Twitter Isn’t Happy

Nicki Minaj Ellen DeGeneres

Some have labelled the skit as "racist".

US chat show host Ellen DeGeneres did a skit that parodied Nicki Minaj’s upcoming TV series and it didn’t sit well with Twitter.

The parody was presented as an ‘exclusive’ clip from Nicki’s new ABC Family series about her early life in New York.

However the actor playing young Nicki had a backside so large, that the Minaj household is destroyed with the most minor of movements.

Watch an excerpt from the skit below:

The parody began with little Nicki coming downstairs, after her mother had asked if her she’d left her shoes on the first floor.

The actress then bent over and displayed a huge prosthetic backside that caused items around the house to fall to the ground.

Characters playing Nicki’s parents also had huge backsides and caused fruit and a living room lamp to hit the floor.

Twitter wasn’t happy with the representation of the Minaj family and some have even labelled the skit as “racist”.

However others thought the skit was just a bit of fun:

Nicki Minaj is yet to comment on the situation.