The Best #PoseLikeNicki Memes On The Internet

22 October 2013, 17:25 | Updated: 22 October 2013, 17:50

Nicki Minaj Chris Brown 'Love More' Video

The whole of the internet has started posing like Nicki Minaj.

The internet has started posing like Nicki Minaj in tribute to the 'Pink Fridya' rapper, so we thought we'd round up some of the best so far.

1) All of Nicki's fans were really happy with their efforts.

2) They totally grasped her chilled out pose.

3) They're showing how much they love her new fashion collection.

4) This fan chills just like Nicki.

5) Do all Nicki's fans sleep like this?

6) Some fans have just gone all the way and done their own versions of her advertising campaigns!