Miguel Imagined What He Wants Beyoncé To Say To Him Whilst Writing 'Rocket'

22 January 2014, 12:40 | Updated: 22 January 2014, 12:43

The song's opening line is 'Let me sit this ass… on you'.

Miguel has revealed his creative process behind writing 'Rocket,' a new track off Beyoncé's self-titled album.

The 'How Many Drinks' singer said that in a conversation with Beyoncé, the Queen confirmed that "nothing was off limits" for the sexy track – and so, Miguel got to work.

Before putting pen to paper, Vibe reveals that Miguel got in the mood by asking himself: "What's the first thing I would want Beyoncé to say to me as a man?"

If you listen to the track, you'll discover the answer is 'Let me sit this ass… On you' - the lyric Beyoncé opens the racy song with.

"That's where the song came from" Miguel explained, adding "And essentially it's what all of us would want Beyoncé to say to us – no disrespect, obviously, to Jay".

Listen to the full interview with Miguel above.