Kid Ink Feat Tyga - 'Iz You Down' (Official Video)

23 January 2014, 13:41 | Updated: 23 January 2014, 14:05

Kid Ink and Tyga bring the ladies in for their latest music video.

After his hook up with Chris Brown on 'Show Me,' Kid Ink has hooked up with Tyga for 'Iz You Down,' and the pair have just released the track's official music video.

The four minute video cuts between the two rappers performing to the easy beat and some ladies doing their thing to it - with things getting a bit raunchy towards the end.

The track was given away as a present to fans who pre-ordered the album ahead of its January 7th release date in mid-December, alongside another collaborative single with Ellie Varner and Machine Gun Kelly entitled 'No Miracles.' 

'My Own Lane' - Kid Ink's debut album - also features collaborations from August Alsina, Pusha T and of course, Chris Brown. 

Watch the official video for 'Iz You Down' above.